$5,000 Transformation Giveaway!!!
Over the next year I want to give at least 5-10 women $250-$1000 each. Every month women from all over the world write me to tell me what great success they're seeing with 30 Day Butt Transformation but most of them never document their progress. So as a way to encourage more women to document their progress I want to offer you $250-$1000.
Here's how to get the money:
Take before and after photos and videos. A lot of instagram models and trainers were caught posting fake and edited before and after pics this is why I want video footage along with the photos to confirm it's 100% real. It doesnt have to be a lot of footage just enough so people know its real.
In the before pics and video we should be able to tell that your lower body was in worse shape when you started. In the after pics and video we should be able to tell that your lower body got into much better shape.
We should also be able to tell it was the same person in the photos/video.
Document your progress.
Make a testimonial video of how 30 Day Butt Transformation helped you. This video can be short and simple like 2-4 minutes.
Depending on how impressive and well documented your transformation and testimonial are will determine how much you get between $250-$1000. 

Also, some of the girls who send it testimonials in the past have now been hired to do some spokemodel work for us so you never know where things will lead.  

I can't wait to hear from you and see your awesome transformation!!
"30 Day Butt Transformation Really Works!!"
My name is Diana and i just want to take some time to thank you for creating this amazing program! It definitely has helped me throughout my fitness journey! I have come a long way and I have had friends even buy this program because of my results! 
Thank you soo sooo much!

“My Butt Is Now Rounder, Bigger, And More Lifted”
My butt is now rounder, bigger, and more lifted and my legs are more athletic and toned. You feel muscles in your butt you didn’t even know you had working. I was amazed at just how much more round my butt could get.
My girlfriends are always asking me what I did and they’re so jealous now.

30 Day Butt User